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Map View is an online map viewer with a very compact size
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Map View is an offline map viewer with a very compact size. The program enables you to view the world map in 2D. You don't need to download or search for anything. Just starting the program will show you the world map and you can navigate through the map using the pan tool or zooming marquees.
Map View has saved positions for China, Germany, France, Russia, Netherlands and Taiwan that can be selected in the “maps” menu for quick navigation. Searching for your home town in the map is as easy as 123. Just keep zooming at the name of your city until you see the name of a local land mark. You can also switch between satellite view, street view and terrain view or save any map for offline browsing.
The maps loaded by the program are detailed as Google maps and Google Earth. You can also measure the distance between two points or area in seconds using the measurement tools. You can save the desired view of a map to any popular image format including JPG and BMP for later use.
An easy-to-use interface, faster processing and detailed landmarks make the program a very useful map viewer.

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